Structured cabling: design, execution and maintenance

We execute cabling systems voice-data, horizontal and vertical, in compliance with standard EIA/TIA 568:

  • Network design;
  • Documents elaboration;
  • Selection of passive and active equipment;
  • Installation of cable canal, UTP or FO cable installation;
  • Plugs installation;
  • Equipment racks installation;
  • Patch panel installation, active equipment and patch cord;
  • Cable testing and connector technology;
  • Work reception and documents handing;

  • Depending on the location requirements, we cover all physical transmission media (twisted cable-moulding, coaxial cable, fibre optics or wireless by radio waves).

    Telephone exchanges: installation and administration

    Communications have become an indispensable instrument of any company in organizing and managing its daily activity. Everybody knows the importance of the internet, phone or fax to receive and send data, to be informed with regard to the products and services of a company, regardless of the field of our activity.

    We take care of the equipment delivery, as well as of the installation, programming and intervention in case of malfunctions for the entire range of Panasonic exchanges, analogue or digital phones and Siemens call centres.

    LAN, WAN networks administration and configuration

    For the security systems that we install, we provide the communication media for all pieces of equipment, as well as their integration with the client’s local network. Configuration and administration of the network equipment (router, switch, access point, video-server) used for the security systems infrastructure are carried out by our specialists.

    Communications Voice over IP

    Voice over IP (also called VoIP, IP telephony and Internet telephony) represents a technology which allows for voice calls to be directed through internet or a computer network. VOIP PBX systems provide mobility to employees, flexibility for companies in expansion due to the fact that they are easier to use than traditional systems PBX and can also considerably reduce administration expenses for telephone networks.

    DESIGNED by Daniel Enache