Specialized guard

Specialized guard

For each objective individually we design an integrated security system depending on its security needs and on the client’s requirements, with an appropriate estimation of the human factor involved, so as to reduce costs and effectively protect the objective.

We provide objectives’ guard and protection services using qualified and certified security agents, appropriately equipped for rapid intervention. For large objectives our guard activities are supported by mobile intervention teams made up of our own agents, properly trained and equipped to deal with the occurrence or risk of occurrence of any event. At the client’s request, we can provide armed guard services for the objective. For maximum efficiency and safety, the beneficiary can choose, beside human guard, an integrated security system that involves the installation of state-of-the-art anti-burglary technical equipment, the design and installation of the system being performed by our engineers.

Monitoring and intervention

We provide monitoring and intervention services for our own objectives.


The efficiency of the security systems we install is shown by the permanent monitoring of receptions by a central reception, and also systems are designed and executed so as to emphasize and archive any event.

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