Security Technical Systems

Security systems

Installation of an alarm system has become more than necessary and, at the same time, represents a good decision for the protection of your family and goods.

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Fire-fighting systems

Installation of a fire-fighting system is important, for a fire may have extremely serious consequences. A fire causes damages both due to the flames and smoke resulted after burning of different materials and due to the water used for its extinction.

If the detection and warning system of a fire occurring is corroborated to an appropriate extinction system, the risk of fire can be reduced to a minimum, enough to provide a feeling of peace and safety.

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Perimeter protection

Perimeter protection system is generally meant to secure large surfaces and is designed to detect burglary attempts (access or exit) at the level of the objective perimeter.

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Video monitoring

Video monitoring systems provide high-performance solutions, being ideal for monitoring the production activity, commercial spaces, small or large shops, plants, warehouses, parking lots and buildings of any kind.

Combined with the anti-burglary systems, video monitoring provides a major advantage by transmitting images to the security company so that, in case of intrusion, the area can be monitored, facilitating the intervention procedures.

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Access control

Nowadays, access control systems need to be more than just shutting or opening doors.

Functions they need to fulfil are the access control within secure areas, protection of personnel, buildings, equipment, warehouses and data. The new generation of hardware and software systems provide versatile and personalized solutions for any of these functions.

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Video-interphone – Interphone

One alternative of the access control system reduced to its basic function is represented by the interphone or vide-interphone system.

By means of an interphone system you can find out who pays you a visit, you can communicate with the person outside your property and you can allow/deny access to the property, while by means of a video-interphone system you have the additional possibility to see the person calling.

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