Anti-burglary alarm systems

Installation of an alarm system has become more than necessary and, at the same time, represents a good decision for the protection of your family and goods.

A home provided with an alarm system has an extra chance to be avoided by and stay away from delinquents’ actions. Unfortunately, few people decide to buy an alarm system before becoming themselves or before their neighbours become victims of a theft.

An alarm system brings significantly more peace to your family and strongly discourages delinquents. It should also be remembered that an anti-burglary system gives warning signals and reduces the risk, but does not guarantee that the intruder will not enter the protected location.

An important component that can be integrated into the alarm system are smoke, gas, carbon monoxide and flood detectors (sensors) for they can save your life and prevent material damages.

Components of an alarm system

  • Alarm control panel
  • Keyboards
  • Remote controllers
  • Magnetic contacts
  • Movement detectors
  • Infrared barriers
  • Vibrations detectors
  • Smoke, gas, carbon monoxide and flood detectors
  • GSM communicators , expanders and additional equipment
  • Sirens
  • Storage batteries
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