Fire-fighting systems

Fire-fighting systems

Installation of a fire-fighting system is important, for a fire may have extremely serious consequences. A fire causes damages both due to the flames and smoke resulted after burning of different materials and due to the water used for its extinction.

One practical way to limit material damages and human loss is to install a detection and warning system for any fire occurring.

If the detection and warning system of a fire occurring is corroborated to an appropriate extinction system, the risk of fire can be reduced to a minimum, enough to provide a feeling of peace and safety.

For private homes it is enough to connect smoke, temperature and gas detectors to the anti-burglary alarm control panel, but for offices, commercial spaces, warehouses, banks, crowded buildings etc. dedicated systems are used for the detection and warning of a fire occurring.

Components of a fire-warning system

  • Conventional fire control panels
  • Addressable fire control panels
  • Manual fire warning pushbuttons
  • Optic smoke detectors
  • Smoke detectors with ionization
  • Infrared barrier-type smoke detectors
  • Smoke detectors with reflective infrared spot
  • Smoke detectors by aspiration
  • Temperature detectors
  • Temperature gradient detectors
  • Flame detectors
  • Dangerous substances detectors
  • Sirens and optic indicators for signalling
  • Storage batteries
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