Access control and timekeeping systems

Access control

Nowadays, access control systems need to be more than just shutting or opening doors.

Functions they need to fulfil are the access control within secure areas, protection of personnel, buildings, equipment, warehouses and data. The new generation of hardware and software systems provide versatile and personalized solutions for any of these functions.

To all the aforementioned we can also add specialized programs for timekeeping that take over the information from the access control system and elaborate a wide range of timekeeping reports, graphs and periodical analyses, and also export data to formats compatible to applications for calculating salaries.

The access control system can be interconnected to an anti-burglary, fire-fighting warning system and can control different automation devices (turning the light on/off, ventilation or air conditioning etc.).

Components of an access control system

  • Readers for magnetic cards, proximity cards, cards
  • Access keyboards
  • “Exit” pushbuttons
  • Evacuation pushbuttons
  • Controllers
  • Access control software
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Electromagnets
  • Door dampers
  • Turnstiles
  • Accessories: magnetic contacts, exit control detectors etc.
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