Perimeter protection systems

Perimeter protection

Perimeter protection system is generally meant to secure large surfaces and is designed to detect burglary attempts (access or exit) at the level of the objective perimeter.

The perimeter is a first ring of intruders’ detection. Detecting illegal penetration attempts into the objective allows for the intervention forces to react in due time, before the intruder attains his goal or causes damages to the objective.

In order to make sure that systems operate even under the most difficult weather conditions, for perimeter detection we use dual systems, based on different detection principles, which cannot become inoperable at the same time due to environmental conditions.

For an efficient protection, this system is always doubled by a video monitoring perimeter system.

Components of a perimeter protection system

  • Infrared or microwave barriers
  • Monostatic microwave sensors
  • Exterior detectors
  • Broken window detectors
  • PIR-ultrasound dual detectors
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